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Gino Pacitti

If you think you are the only one with problems?

You are not, there are lots of people just like you who find it hard to get motivated, feel bloated and even have bad body odour meaning they find it hard to get out of bed or do their job, struggle to start new things and might be the last on the invitation list.

Most of our population suffer from

1 %

Typically, you feel you can’t be bothered to do anything, your muscles feel heavy, and you get tired very quickly.

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Constipation can make you feel constantly bloated or uncomfortable with side effects, such as bowel obstructions, due to chronic constipation.

1 %
toxified body

Symptoms range from confusion, memory loss, and an inability to stay focused, low energy, body odour and unusual aches and pains.

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How To Prevent Your Skin Turning Yellow, Halt Stomach Pain, Swelling And Get Rid Of Fatigue

Without Prescription Drugs And Toxic Chemicals That Make You Sick!”

Liver Detox Program

Vincente Martinez

Vincente Martinez

Certified Health & Food Coach



Coupon code: kickstarthealth50

With around 800 functions the liver is one of the hardest working organs in the human body.

Time to time it needs a little help.

It is known that the liver is the great purifier of the organism, a great detoxifier.That is why it is very important that we know how to make a correct cleanse.

Every now and then we must detox it correctly.

It is important to know that it executes more than 800 different essential functions in your body. Hence the enormous importance in our state of its health function. With a liver in poor condition, it is impossible to feel healthy and energy, that is why it is necessary to assist your body from time to time with moderate fasting or a detoxification method.

This liver cleanse article might help you understand your liver and why it needs to be cleaned.

Hepatic detox and its different forms

There different forms of performing a liver or hepatic detox.

For instance, if you want to detox your liver is fully recommended that you have to eat organic foods. Another ways is to a lot of organic fruits. If we eat fruits and vegetables with pesticides, we will not purify anything. We will be filled with more toxicity. We must take the vegetables steamed or grilled and eliminate everything that is refined and industrial. Also avoid red meats, dairy products and derivatives, everything that is related to alcoholic beverages, sugar, fried, frozen, pre-cooked and all the exciting.

So this is only an overview of tips and advices that we provide along the program. We try that all our customers keep and eat a correct alkaline diet, take their supplements at the right time and keep the results by changing the eating habits.

Middle aged man
I have done the liver detox and I have a lot of energy, I sleep well and my weight has stabilized. And when I do exercise my body reacts much better and burn calories rapidly.
Domingo G

The symptoms to consider when something does not work well in the liver:

Secrets Of Slow Growing Algae That Promises Relief From Headaches, Tiredness And Sleeplessness

“Can Also Improve Memory And Concentration”

General Body Detox Program

Vincente Martinez

Vincente Martinez

Certified Health & Food Coach



Coupon code: kickstarthealth50

The general detox program was created with the intention of gradually detox your body.

This program contains various supplements, one of them is “Moshi Moshi” which is a mineral compound with 74 different minerals that our body requires in perfect balance and it is very compatible with the human bone structure.

We use coral marine, that naturally contains every mineral required by the body and unlike most mineral supplements, plus they are easily absorbed.

The program includes an intestinal flora supplement with a union of 9 different types of microorganisms necessary for our body, including Lactobacillus Acidophilus to improve the digestive system. Also, it includes Zeolite which is a natural detoxifier – With NO side effects!

Body detox and its different forms

​There are no magical spells … only your effort and knowledge that we provide you are the cornerstone of real results.

In this process we need bio-available food and nutritional products. We recommend to follow the food guide that include in the general detox program. So do not think more and detoxify your body! Your health is priceless!

Periodical consumption of alkaline diet regularly ingests will detoxify and drained food toxins. The hygienic and preventive measures, the practice of systematic breathingand periodic fasting is an excellent way to have a detoxify your body. All these practices will help you to achieve a physical and psychic balance, they will create a harmony that we all desire in our lifetime.

Smiling lady
I have been having stomach problems for a long time such as swelling and gases. I liked very much the information I was given, so I started the improvement program taking Novaflora. In a few days I was much better, with less and swelling, but also better in a general level, more relax and happy
Carmen F

The manifestations to which we must pay attention are the following:

Warning: Are You Over 50, Do Little Physical Exercise And Currently Take Prescription Drugs?

You Are At Risk Of Chronic Intestinal Disease” *

Constipation Relief Program

Vincente Martinez

Vincente Martinez

Certified Health & Food Coach



Coupon code: kickstarthealth50

Relieve Constipation Naturally

There are scientific studies that ensure that 80% of diseases originate from problems related to the intestine. Therefore, we conclude that it is not a serious ailment but, in the long term, it can trigger a series of diseases or conditions such as chronic constipation.

There are many natural techniques and procedures, but at Nutraceutis we focus on intestinal flora detox in order to erradicate it and eliminate this root problem.

You will always be under the advice of an expert in natural naturopathy with many years of experience. We also invite you to read our full article on the causes and risks that exist by maintaining this problem for a long time. Start today!

We offer a constipation program pack with the right products & knowledge on how to solve it naturally. You can read in our article If You Are Having Constipation Problems Then This Might Help You everything related to this issue is explained in this article.

The diets and nutrients that are taken in this natural handling are included in a PDF given when you purchase this program.

How does it work?

Alkimia & Novaflora
The constipation package is a triple combination of Alkimia, intestinal flora and magnesium that will restore normal function in your digestion system. The Alkimia will also help you to do a perfect colon cleanse for a better well-being.

This is a totally natural and vegetable type of magnesium in capsules that is easily soluble. It is a formula which provides all the benefits of this mineral, and therefore plays an important role in more than 300 enzymatic processes in the body.

*see other factors that can lead to intestinal disease and consult your doctor.  

big smiling woman
During a time I was suffering severe constipation that there was no way to handle with different treatments. Finally I opt to follow the advices that I receibed and start to put more attention to my diet and with the help of Naturmag now I go to the bathroom every day. My gut went down, I have recovered my vitality and happiness. Is a great change.
Elsa N

Factors that can increase the risk of chronic constipation are:

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