4 Habits Health Gurus Practice Every Day Which When Followed Guarantees Improvements

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Virtually everything that is processed as food today carries one or another artificial additive, and do not think they are by chance.
Health Guru
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Main points of this article

Origin story

Vicente MartinezFirst, I’ll give you some history before talking straight about healthy lifestyle habits.

Throughout my life, almost half a century ago, I have met and talked with many people from different parts of the world, with different creeds and ethnic groups.

Each of them with its political inclinations, political doctrines according to them and vision of society. Starting from the demonstrated premise that many of them, indoctrinate subliminally or directly the idea that we are only born, we live a life and then we die. So, I will expose how these tremendously conditions a human being.

To give a relatively recent example, this happened in World War II.
The Nazis, with their propaganda and their controllers, the psychiatrists, behind the scenes degraded an entire nation to the point that everyone thought that the Jews had no soul or spirit so they could exterminate them without regrets as animals without conscience.

Another well-known manipulation is education, and I mean the one that is programmed, directed, calculated, and controlled by the States and beyond, which can change the point of view that the person has, about how things should be. Reality implanted as a seed that grows slowly.

Or simply block your ability to look and observe other realities that change that view. See beyond what they tell you and find the truth. Curious to discover with empirical evidence what happens to be the truth and find that they are lying.

Propaganda About Healthy Lifestyle Habits

In the same category of predesigned illusions but on a large scale, we have this current society where I dare to say that I do not see that we really have what by definition describes that it is a “democracy” neither in Spain nor in the United Kingdom where I now reside.

But not everyone sees clearly how this happens in the course of their lives. They are too concerned with basic aspects of survival and hypnotized with games that contribute absolutely nothing to their growth as a human being.

So these examples make clear and explain the points of view and levels of consciousness, which are very different due to the insidious influences and false truths to which we are constantly subjected from our birth.

Well, with the issue of food and care of our body the same has happened. Nobody tells you about the sugar summer, cow’s milk and its consequences, flour, and refined salt.

All multinationals and pharmaceutical corporations are not interested in being completely healthy. You wouldn’t be business anymore. Everyone cares a pepper how many additives or chemicals you eat and how much they harm you.

Now moving from the material and mental plane to a more intangible one. I will expose an idea and a way of seeing your body that you may not have thought about. It is clear to me that I know that I am not a simple body and that’s it. We are more than just a body.

Body And Spirit
You Are Not A Body But A Spirit

The body is a simple vehicle and we are the guest.

Well now let’s get to the heart of this article.

To the question: Am I a body or do I have a body?
I am going to respond without any hesitation. Well, I think that my body is my physical vehicle with which I can move in this physical world. I am his guest and I control him, and I live inside him.

This idea is not new at all. Ancient Greek philosophers like Plato or Socrates already mention it in their texts.

“The soul is wrapped in flesh and bones.” – Plato
Therefore, I must take care, protect, and clean my body. I must take responsibility for him and the acts I carry out with him in this physical world.

I must not overload it with poisons and destroy its balance with an inadequate diet in order to maximise its life.

Virtually everything that is processed as food today carries one or another artificial additive, and do not think they are by chance. Do not be naive please, everything that is happening at the moment was previously devised.

In addition, in the same way, that we take care of a car with its revisions, oil changes, gasoline filters, and aa.cc filter or brake fluid and its pads. We must look at our body, so it will not be easy to understand that our removal organs and filtering of impurities, toxins, or slags need their cleanings and revisions. These are Lungs, Skin, Kidneys, Liver, and Colon.

I want my vehicle (Body) full of life and vitality. With energy until the end, in good working order, or as close as possible.

Therefore, it would be very smart of me to be very clear that I have to do to reach that ideal state.

4 Effective healthy lifestyle habits

Using common sense, I could put on a very basic list of how to behave with my body.

Let’s see the following habits:

These are proteins, minerals, vitamins, etc. Organic or biodynamic vegetables and fruits. Live food.

What else can I do? A leap forward: 21st century

The next step to accelerate the performance in our body we have within our reach relatively a few years ago, with nutraceuticals, which are supplements with a higher concentration of active ingredients and with higher purity.

To give that push to our body and thus be able to increase the daily cleaning capacity of impurities and toxins.

To name a few:
Alkimia: Minerals, intestinal flora, and Zeolite. A super detoxifier.

Moshi Moshi: 74 minerals. Coral Alkalinizes and mineralizes.

Algasol: 3 spirulina, chlorella, and AFA algae. Superfood and cleaner.

Natural Magnesium Caps: Combination of two Magnesium.

Zeland: Glucosamine for joints and natural anti-inflammatory.

Do you need some free advise on how to do this program?


If we carry out an improvement program where we would include the points described above and carry out general detoxification for several months, we will simply be leading the lifestyle that the body needs to carry through its structure and anatomy.

The changes are spectacular if it persists until the end of the program!
Of course, the theory is very good and the first is understood. But starting to change our eating habits and carry out a program of body cleansing continuously and getting discipline every day is another story.

One tip: just start with something, and gradually add more changes. This will be easier and easier. We have several programs designed to help you. All these are part of following healthy lifestyle habits.
If you are interested do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and answer your questions. Helping to improve health is our main motivation.

Teaching people to distinguish what a succulent poison is that will slowly kill them from an exquisite and nutritious food that will give strength and vitality to their body is a very necessary task in today’s society.

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