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  • During this Mercury-Free Dentistry Week, we highlight those who stand firm against amalgam: the mercury-free dentists of the world. We salute these pioneers for challenging the dental industry’s abhorrent policy of dumping mercury into the bodies and environment of American families.
  • Consumers for Dental Choice ended dental board oppression of mercury-free dentists by the notorious “gag rule,” which attempted to mandate silence rather than disclosure by dentists.
  • Most dentists continue to stand silent. Only 11% of consumers have been told that amalgam fillings have mercury. Thus most consumers don’t know that about amalgam fillings, and many are understandably deceived by the term silver fillings, a consumer fraud

Have you heard of the so-called “French paradox?” It refers to the fact that despite their high cholesterol and high saturated fat diet, the French do not develop cardiovascular diseases because of their high red wine intake.1 While this belief most likely stemmed from a marketing campaign perpetuated by the wine industry,2 there may be some truth to this, as red wine contains a potent antioxidant known as resveratrol.3

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