Weird Electronic Charge in the Wind Blamed For Depression and Suicides

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The Swiss Meteorological Institute made extensive studies into the problems arising from their local wind, the Foehn, and in 1974 published a list of physical and mental effects
Winds of Change Causes Depression
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Winds of depression

In certain regions of the world, the seasonal winds that blow have become legendary, bringing little short of misery and chaos to many of the local inhabitants. In these places it has been known for generations, that the winds bring feelings of anxiety, stress, depression and sleepless nights.
Statistical studies show that when these winds appear, more road accidents happen and suicide rates increase.

So real is the problem that it has been known for judges to take this into consideration when sentencing and for hospitals to postpone some operations until they cease!

British Prime-minister avoided visiting Mediterranean due to stories about mind-altering wind

In fact winds like these are surprisingly common across the world: The Foehn is a dry southerly wind which blows from the Alps across Switzerland and southern Germany. There is the Siroccoin Italy and the Mistral in southern France. ( It is said that Winston Churchill avoided visiting the Mediterranean coast when the Mistral was blowing).

In the Middle East they have Sharav – also known to the Arabs as Hamsin (the fifty days wind). Western Canada and USA have the Chinook – and in the area around California blow the Santa Ana and winds known in Indian mythology as “The Bitter Winds”.

The Swiss Meteorological Institute made extensive studies into the problems arising from their local wind, the Foehn, and in 1974 published a list of physical and mental effects it was found to cause.

Mental and physical effects from winds

The big question

What was so different about this air in these winds which caused such distress, compared  to  the air in the renowned health resorts of  the mountains and lakesides, which had gained a reputation for their special qualities of relaxation and healing?

It was research that many national and international organizations became involved in!

It was later discovered that this unique quality in the air is its electrical charge, which it carries in the form of ions

Paradoxically, if it carried a positive charge, people (and animals for that matter) felt negative and suffered the symptoms of the notorious oppressive winds. However if the electrical charge was negative it imparted a positive feeling of health and vitality.

From the article The Winds of Depression

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