Candida is an Infection That Makes Freddy Kruger Look Pretty

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An infection in the bloodstream can affect the kidneys, heart, lungs, eyes, or other organs causing high fever, chills, anemia , and sometimes a rash or shock.
Tongue Thrush from Candida Infection
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Symtoms of Candida

Thrush appears as creamy-white or bluish-white patches on the tongue – which is inflamed and sometimes beefy red – and on the lining of the mouth, or in the throat.

Diaper rash caused by candida is an inflammation of the skin, usually red and sometimes scaly.

Vaginitis is characterized by a white or yellow discharge. Inflammation of the walls of the vagina and of the vulva (external genital area) causes burning and itching.

Infections of the fingernails and toenails appear as red, painful swelling around the nail. Later, pus may develop.

Infection of the penis often results in balanitis (inflammation of the head of the penis).

An infection in the bloodstream can affect the kidneys, heart, lungs, eyes, or other organs causing high fever, chills, anemia , and sometimes a rash or shock.

Candida affects your organs

Candida can cause the following problems depending upon the organ infected:

Cleasing forms a healthy barrier.

Candida depends on a living host for survival. It is a normal inhabitant of the human digestive tract from early infancy, where it lives without causing any disease most of the time. However, if the host’s defences are lowered, the organism can cause infection of the mucosa (the lining of the mouth, anus and genitals), the skin, and rarely, deep-seated infection.

These species result in candidiasis:

Most Common types of Candida infections

Candida (C) 

Other types of Candida infections

Candida skin infections (Images)

Candida Infections Over The Body
Candida Infections Over The Body

Predisposing factors for candida infection

See for more information and images of Candida sufferers


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