Anti-aging Secrets That You Can Do At Home And Avoid High Street Rip-offs

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You can have a healthy and young skin at any age. To obtain optimal results, you must combine natural skin therapy from the inside out
Beautiful Skin
Main points of this article
Great skin, naturally!

By: Laura M. Cummins.

Natural ingredients which tone and lift

Ground oatmeal and water (or milk) makes a great cleanser.

Wheat germ is high in protein, vitamin E and B, which makes this ingredient nourishing, soothing and helpful in preventing free radical damage. It’s very slight granular texture, gives a sensitive or dry skin a wonderful, gentle exfoliation.

Organic fruits and vegetables, when applied to the skin, can either have a lyposolvant, stimulating, vitalizing, or soothing effect locally. Prior to using these natural ingredients, make sure you understand their individual actions, so that way you can use the ones most appropriate for your skin care regimen.

Organic milk, sour cream, and yogurt all contain lactic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid that helps the skin exfoliate dead skin cells away from the surface of the epidermis. These items are also very hydrating and soothing to the complexion, especially during the colder months of the year.

Organic honey is a wonderful humectant (retains moisture) and is great for any skin type.

Fresh aloe vera gel, straight from the plant is hydrating, soothing, detoxifying, and helps to prevent or reduce the appearance of scar tissue. It also helps to heal cuts, burns (especially sunburn), and reduces the irritation of bug bites. A live aloe plant is a great attribute to any home.

Pure, Grade A essential oils are the volatile, aromatic portion of a plant and once extracted, usually through steam distillation, they are 75 to 100 times more potent then their original source. They happen to be a part of the plant’s immune system and they are found in tiny little sacs, in the root, bark, leaves, flowers or the rind of fruit. Their small molecular structure makes it very easier for them to penetrate the body in two ways—- the olfactory system (nose) or transdermal (skin). They are naturally antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, lyposolvant and many other positive actions. However, in a neat form, they are not nourishing or hydrating, you must blend them in a carrier base (such as hazelnut oil)..

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Fresh Fruits Used For Skincare
Fresh Fruits Used For Skin-care

Homemade skin therapies to supplement your beauty regime

Milky Honey Oatmeal Cleanser (all skin types)|
Mix all ingredients well. Massage into the skin gently. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Make sure to refrigerate after each use.

Strawberry Cleanser (oily skin)
Mix all ingredients well. Massage into skin gently. Rinse off with lukewarm water

Lavender Water (all skin types)
Place in a dark glass spray bottle. Shake well before each use and mist onto complexion after cleansing, keeping facial mask moist, or as a freshener. Keep in a cool area, out of direct sunlight.
(Lavender is wonderful for all skin types, because of its healing and highly regenerative qualities)

Apple Juice Exfoliation (all skin types)Apply generously with a cotton ball. Leave on for a few minutes and rinse off.

(Apple juice contains malic acid, a natural fruit acid found, which is exfoliating)

Avocado Mask (dry skin)
Smooth skin of avocado all over complexion, let firm for 15 minutes rinse off.

(Avocado is very rich in antioxidants, which are great in preventing the pre-mature aging of our skin)

Orange and Yogurt Mask (combination skin)
Oranges contain citric acid, a natural fruit acid, which is exfoliating and adds vibrancy to a dull skin)

Facial Moisturizer (oily skin)
Place in dark glass bottle. Shake well before use.
(Tea tree and lavender essential oils have natural antibacterial and antiseptic actions)

Facial Moisturizer (all skin types)
Place in a dark glass bottle. Shake well before use.
(Chamomile and lavender essential oils are calming and soothing to a stressed out skin from daily living)

Fight naturally within

Achieving a healthy skin is not always determined by what you apply topically to your skin. An important component is what you take internally. We live in an environment where we are bombarded constantly by chemicals in the air we breathe, the foods we eat and the water we drink.

The way your skin looks reveals a great deal about what is going on inside your organs, tissues and cells, and about the way you live and think. Loss of skin tone and elasticity, skin dryness, oiliness, sallowness, undereye puffiness, breakouts and premature skin aging reflect the condition of each cell and the quality of the nutrients each cell receives. You can have a healthy and young skin at any age. To obtain optimal results, you must combine natural skin therapy from the inside out , with the appropriate skin treatments on a daily basis.


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The Author
Laura M. Cummins is a licensed Aesthetician and has been in the spa industry for the past 10 years. Her extensive job experience in this industry includes Spa Director for a Holistic Day Spa and Wellness Center and she is presently the regional educator for a professional skincare line. She travels throughout the U.S. training some of the top spas and skin care clinics on technique and product knowledge. Laura also holds an Associates Degree of Science in Dietetics and writes for national health and trade magazines on skincare, nutrition and other alternative health issues. Nowadays, the author resides in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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