Over 20 Symptoms Including Craving Chocolate Could Mean You Are Calcium Deficient

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Our body, in order to balance this calcium carbonate in the blood, must take calcium from our bones and tissues.
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Calcium & Magnesium Benefits

Let’s talk about calcium & magnesium benefits in our bodies.

We have always been told that calcium is necessary for the formation of robust and perfect bones. The media have informed us to the point of boredom about how important calcium is to have a bone system in good condition.

But recent research points in another direction because Magnesium is the one that is fundamental to your skeletal system.

The Academic Society of Pediatrics (PAS) of the United States in a recent study found that the key to the development of healthy bones during childhood was the consumption of magnesium and not just calcium.

But after so many years there has been a continuous promotion by the media and other academic sources, on the consumption of calcium in food supplements or added in drinks and food, to have strong bones and teeth. Now it has begun to question its effectiveness.

It is easy to realise that basically the dairy industry believes that belief based on repetition year after year, for decades. Giving rise to the total conviction, in the whole population, about the consumption of milk and cheese to have enough calcium. Well, let me tell you that it is a false fact.

This is due to the following data:
Pasteurisation only provides calcium carbonate and it has no way of entering the cells without a chelating agent.

Therefore what happens is the following situation:
Our body, in order to balance this calcium carbonate in the blood, must take calcium from our bones and tissues.

This process is presumably responsible for the appearance of Osteoporosis (reduction in the density of bones) data to be taken into account. In other words, if the milk is pasteurised it is not good for our body.

Bones In An X-Ray
Bones In A X-Ray

Magnesium and its Relevance

There are innumerable studies conducted on calcium and magnesium.

Professor Steven Abrams, of the College of Medicine in Houston, Texas, the USA after a study on both minerals, concluded with an unexpected statement in the medical society. He said that the increase in the consumption of magnesium at early ages, that is to say during childhood, is key for the correct development and conservation of bone density.

However, with regard to calcium, I made it clear that its consumption could not be related to bone improvement.

It should be noted, according to Professor Abrams, that despite the foregoing, this does not mean that calcium is not important. But it is magnesium that has a greater presence when it comes to having healthy bones.

The current situation is complicated because, as we know, we have been taught for decades about the importance of a calcium-rich diet since childhood. And our parents only received that part of the information, leaving out other minerals such as magnesium, which is essential in bone development in children.

This produces two undoubted facts:

To support this data, I am going to refer to a report by Dr. Catheryn M Radyder, University of Tennessee, Memphis. This report explains and shows how the gradual increase in magnesium consumption leads to improvements in bone density, which, according to the doctor, plays an important role in metabolising calcium and obtaining greater bone strength.

The fact of applying these data to the diet from very young children would reduce the current indices of low bone density and would contribute, of course, to improving public health.
Magnesium: a supplement to take into account.

The foods with a great contribution of magnesium that we must incorporate in our daily diet are nuts, all green leafy vegetables, seeds, and cocoa among some. But to reach the recommended amount of 350-400 milligrams we must include some supplement or nutraceutical.
Magnesium chloride and chelated magnesium are the most recommended.

My advice is to take a supplement that integrates the 74 minerals that our body requires. Also are part of the mineral required by athletes and people who have good exercise routines.

Do you need magnesium?

The lack of magnesium and its consequences are such as:

Tired whilst sitting at table in restaurant
Tired whilst sitting at table in restaurant

Alterations of the nervous system: insomnia, anxiety, hyperactivity, restlessness, panic attacks, phobias.

The fact of having at least two of these symptoms advises some magnesium supplement and we will notice the improvement.

We have magnesium and the rest of the 73 minerals necessary for life in these two formulas: Alkimia and Moshi-Moshi.

A bath of Epsom salts, which contains magnesium sulfate, is perfect for people with magnesium deficiency, it is absorbed through the skin and replenishes reserves of magnesium.

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