Great Tasting Food But Not So Healthy Burger
Great Tasting Food But Not So Healthy Burger

Look me in the eyes: Iridology

One of the greatest achievements of evolution is the increase in the life expectancy of the population. However, this increase in years is not associated with a good quality of life.

It is our own responsibility to promote our health. According to the WHO, health promotion is “the process that allows people to increase control over their health. This means that we must participate more in favouring conditions that promote health and well-being for all.

For this, PREVENTION is the key.
And one of the best prevention tools available to us is the study of the iris.
But what is the study of the iris or iridology?
Let’s break it down …

Iridology studies the relationship between the signs of the iris and their relationship to the body’s organs.

These signs are color change, tissue alterations, reliefs, grooves, and the areas where they are found.

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